501 Coral Way, Fort Lauderdale nhiệt đới nón rơm cứng của PARADISE!!! $1,200,000

Thiên đường nhiệt đới trên các hòn đảo ở Đông Las Olas!!! 4 phòng ngủ, 3 phòng tắm (tổng thể và nhiệm vụ remodeled)! 100ft. bớ đê,ft0ft. Tuy nhiên, (nước và điện).! Mặt trăng kênh (thẳng ra đến 17 đường phố đường đắp cao)! Sàn gỗ cứng, không khí trung tâm, cửa sổ mới! Biên từ các cửa hàng, nhà hàng, bãi biển và đầu vào!!!

Dock có điện và nước!

Cổ điển Florida!!!

Sail ven biển Intacoastal hoặc du lịch Đại Tây Dương trong vòng PHÚT!!! Thưởng thức hoàng hôn nhiệt đới và thư giãn trong PARADISE!!!

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There are great things to do in the Miami Florida area. You can go to the beach or go on a shopping spree. You can explore the Everglades. Experience multicultural foods or fine dinning. The possibilities are unending! Just goEnjoy the South Florida lifestyle on your terms. See the wonders of nature from butterfly gardens to alligators. Historysee Vizcaya or tour a Nike missile site (call ahead for tour times). Miami has it all! The weather is wonderful and the ocean is delightful! Comevisitenjoy : )

Live The Dream!

20 Great things to do in Miami courtesy of Time Out Miami

Explore Floridawilderness” trong The Everglades National Park! This area is one of a kind and gets visitors from all over the world. Bring your best camerayou will want extra batteries and a memory card with a good amount of storage : )

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce is a great site to find out about what’s happening in and around Miami!

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Things To Do: Weston, Fort Lauderdale, Davie, Trồng, Broward

Birds of The Glades

When you live in a Tropical Paradise it’s easy to find activities that WOW and entertain. Here are some that you may not already know about. Enjoy South Florida living!


THE JUNGLE QUEEN you cruise the Fort Lauderdale waterways and have dinner on a private island : )

‘Robert Is Here’
is a fruit stand that makes REAL fruit milk shakes that are out of this world good and out back is a small zoo for kids of all ages. This is a GREAT place to shop for fresh fruit and meet an area icon, Robert

Everglades Holiday Park offer a look at the Florida Everglades form a real air boat. Complete with an alligator show…and for the adventurous…fried frog legs and gator bites : )

If you have a fav thing to do in South Florida post it for all to share : )

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