Existing Home Sales Up 4.3% In January

Sales of existing home rose 4.3% in the month of January! I am seeing the “days on market” lessen and multiple offers. Some buyers desiring to own are paying OVER the appraisal price so as not to miss out on their dream.


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South Florida Real Estate is “Stable”, Price Appreciation Expected!


Property Values 2011: Chicago -7.6, Atlanta -8.5, Tampa -4.6, Orlando -4.1, Miami “stable”. This is the latest information from Zillow. EWM Realty International was the luxury leader in Dade and Broward combined last year and is leading South Florida back to increasing property values by pricing and selling of South Florida real estate inventory. 2 years ago EWM Realty made a conscience decision to adjust listing prices to realistic levels and sales began to increase. As the market dropped agents had the difficult duty of convincing sellers to correctly price their property. The results are staggering! THANK YOU Ron Shuffield and Steve Harney!!! EWM Realty International is the BEST in the business : )


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Broward County, Florida 10 Year Home Inventory/Sales History vs 1 Year Inventory/Sales History

These graphs show Broward’s real estate market from 2002 through 2011. The available homes to sell and the amount of homes sold monthly are at the same levels they were at in 2003. There is a current shortage of quality homes to satisfy the numbers of buyers. The result is multiple offers and rising prices in the Broward County area! With South Florida weather and International access made easy, the world is focusing in on properties here. Businesses are seeing South Florida as the “gateway”  to South America. They need housing for their employees. Second home owners around the world want to own a piece of South Florida! The fabulous South Florida real estate market is back on fire!

Ten Year Snapshot of Broward's Home Inventory vs Sales

One Year Snapshot of Broward's Home Inve

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