Pre-qualifing For A Loan Is The First Step Toward Home Ownership!

The BEST advantage you can have going out shopping for your new home is to be pre-qualified for your loan with a “name” lender. Adam and Carlos are two of the best in the business!

Pre Qualify With The Best

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Real Estate Advise For Buyers and Sellers

The Real Estate market in the U.S. seems to be coming out of it’s slump. Rents have been rising and interest rates along with home prices have been dropping. It is now possible to own a home for less that renting that same home in many areas across the country. Demand for housing is beginning to out weigh the available supply causing buyers to act quickly or take the chance of loosing the house they want. Before looking all buyers should pre-qualify for a loan with a “name” lender. Most sellers will not entertain an offer without an attached pre-qual document. This also gives the buyers the advantage of knowing that they can afford the properties they are looking at. Whether seller or buyer you need to stay informed as to changes in the market.


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